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About Us

We love all things books.  The satisfaction of holding a finely bound book in our hands, the stories they entertain us with and the facts and lessons they teach us.  There is nothing like the ambiance that a nice book collection brings to a room.

The internet has changed how collectible and rare books are found, sold and traded.  There are so many resources for book collectors and dealers on the internet, yet there were no comprehensive sites on the internet dedicated to helping collectors and dealers confirm or conduct research on that special copy of a collectible first edition or rare book. There is now. 

We saw a need for a reference site that would make it easy for book collectors and book dealers to find information on collectible, rare and first edition books on the Internet. is the result.  We hope you like the site, we very much appreciate any comments or suggestions you send our way.

We have over 20 years experience with collectible books as collectors and booksellers.  We have used hundreds of resources, thousands of pictures and a vast data base of past book listings to bring the information on this site together.

Happy hunting!

Bookpoi is a Michigan based limited liability company and a division of Extraordinary Things LLC.  If you need to contact us we can be reached at:

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