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The Stand by Stephen King
Identifying First Edition Points of Issue


The Stand First Trade Edition Front Cover                 The Stand Signed Limited Front Cover   

    The Stand First Trade Front Cover       The Stand Signed Limited Edition Front Cover          

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The Stand by Stephen King - First edition points of issue.

Year Published: 1978

Pages: 823

Price: $12.95

Publisher: Doubleday

Copyright page: First edition is specifically stated on the copyright page

First Edition Total Publication: Estimated to be 70,000

First Edition Points of Issue: On the inner margin of page 823 the code T39 is visible.

Size: 5.75" x 8.5"

Bound: Quarter bound in black cloth, gold boards

Dedication: For Tabitha: This dark chest of wonders.

Description: Arguably the greatest horror novel ever written by the greatest horror novelist, this is a true Modern Classic that was first published in 1978, and then re-published in 1990, complete and unabridged, with 150,000 words cut from the first edition restored, and now accompanied by unusual and imaginative line art. The total copies for both editions, in hardcover and paperback, exceeds 4 million worldwide.

The Stand is a truly terrifying reading experience, and became a four-part mini-series that memorably brought to life the cast of characters and layers of story from the novel. It is an apocalyptic vision of the world, when a deadly virus runs amok around the globe. But that lethal virus is almost benign compared to the satanic force gathering minions from those still alive to destroy humanity and create a world populated by evil.

Stephen King is a brilliant storyteller who has the uncanny gift of putting ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, giving readers an experience that chills and thrills on every page.

In 1990 Doubleday released a 400,000 copy 1st edition of the "Complete and Uncut!" The Stand for $24.95. On the copyright page you will see the words First Trade Edition, which was a whopping 1,423 pages long. The uncut edition has a current value of around $50.

The Stand Complete and Uncut Edition Front Cover

The Stand First Complete & Uncut Trade Edition Front Cover

Along with the release of the trade uncut edition Doubleday also released a signed limited edition with illustrations from Berni Wrightson. The limited edition release. including 52 lettered editions (labeled A-ZZ) with a current value of around $3,500. The regular signed limited edition numbered 1 through 1,250 has a current value of around $1,900.

     The Stand Signed Limited Edition Coffin Box             The Stand Signed Limited Edition Tissue Wrap

     Coffin Box for Signed Limited Edition                Tissue Wraps for Signed Limited Edition

The signed limited (lettered and numbered) editions measures 7.5 x 9.5 x 3.25 inches and is leather bound with gold and red gilt lettering. The book comes in a black wooden box with a plaque attached to the front "Stephen King: The Stand" stamped on it. Because of the box this book is often refereed to as the coffin edition. The design of the actual book has been compared to an antique family Bible, originally the book comes wrapped in wax tissue paper inside of the box.

The book was illustrated by Bernie Wrightson. Wrightson began working on the artwork in 1984, and the pen and ink drawings were copyrighted in 1990.

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